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The Resolute Room
Health Conscious Room Design

2017 is officially here.  You’ve either held onto those New Year’s resolutions to become a healthier you, or not so much. The problem may not be your self-will; it may be your living space. 


::Downloads:room w-big windows.jpgThe Resolute RoomWhat makes you feel healthier and more sound of mind may not be diet and exercise, but being creative. If your home isn’t conducive to creativity, there are a few ways to easily redesign it to get that motivation to write that novel you’ve been putting off, paint, and even dust off that cello you haven’t seen since 2016.

Consider a theme-based room.  For example, if you love the beach but don’t live anywhere near one, why not design an ocean inspired room. It’s easy to achieve without being literal.  Go for things that remind you of the ocean by taking advantage of long sweeping lines of existing windows, or a banquet table. An oversized piece of wall art that says “a day at the beach”, is not hard to find, or to make as your first creative DIY project!

The Resolute Room


::Downloads:wicker basket fruit & veggies.jpgIf transforming your diet has been your goal (but you lack open air markets, nearby locations to purchase local organic fruits and veggies, and a backyard), a balcony garden is the perfect solution. Imagine having exactly what you need to ensure healthy eating, in the amounts you need right outside your sliding glass window?  Growing vegetables on your balcony is a beautiful, interesting and a fun task that’s sure to help you eat more nutritious foods.





The Resolute RoomIt seems as though we’re all living stressful lives, but not because of living lives we don’t fully love and choose. You may have started that new business in 2016 or taken on the responsibility of an aging parent.  Let’s face it, we can become overwhelmed and not have the time to rush to the gym for that yoga class to decompress.  Luckily, with a little design trickery, it’s easy to create a space in your home that will allow you to exhale whenever you want.

De-clutter – A space that clears the mind must be cleared of clutter. Only include in it items that are functional or beautiful. Now that you’ve created a blank canvas, you can relax.

De-Color – For maximum calm, go for minimum color. Opt for more muted, cooler tones or warm whites.  FYI, there are several eco-friendly products, which may add to your goal of being healthy to you and to the planet.

De-Lightful! - Lighting has a huge impact on your mood and well-being. Natural light from windows have health benefits, feel good, and bring nature from outside, inside. Lightweight cotton drapes, sheers and shades are a great option to help with light filtering and privacy, as well. Here at Blinds and Designs we can help you with all your design needs and dreams www.blindsanddesigns.com/home

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