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4th Of July, All Year!

Decorating with Red, White and Blue

Fourth of July

This Independence Day you’ve no doubt put in a lot of time and energy creating your own individual patriotic style on the outside of your home. Once finished you stand back and smile. But not only because it’s a job well done. The fact is, the colors of our nation’s flag have a natural positive effect on our disposition which makes interior decorating with red, white or blue inside a perfect design choice.



Using white creates a refreshing and clean look in your home. It can give a feeling of purity and serenity, but it can also give an invigorating impression as well. White works extremely well with neutral colors like gray, black or brown and used correctly gives the illusion that the room is much higher and larger. In a room that lacks clutter white is especially striking. But beware, too much white can result in a room that appears too under-scored. In other words, boring.



“Stimulating” is the best word that represents red. It’s true that the color red can increase heart rate but this can be avoided by selecting a warmer shade. In small doses red acts as an exciting accent color. A predominately red room can increase the level of passion or appetite. So if you’re considering red in your bedroom or kitchen you may be on the right track. When selecting the perfect red, remember much like beiges red can have a pink, purple, black, brown, or yellow casts to it.



Blue is extremely versatile. It can create an excellent atmosphere for work productivity or meditation. Blue (like white) can also be used to make your space appear larger, especially if you select an extremely light shade. A room with too much sun can be cooled by using blue. And if you’re looking to cut back on a few calories blue used in a kitchen (even on dishes) is said to decrease the appetite. A favorite across genders, red white or blue can also be used in a wide variety of home styles, from contemporary to rustic. As you can see, they all have their unique emotional benefits proving there are many reasons to celebrate red, white and blue all year long.



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