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Getting Your House Ready to Welcome Your Guests

 If you are like many other families here in North Carolina, you will be celebrating with friends and family this holiday season. This is often the time of year when you will have the most guests in your home. Being the gracious host or hostess that you would want to be, you will enjoy giving your guests a warm welcome into your home, and along with the holidays comes a chance to add some festive touches both indoors and outdoors.

Which Wreath Is Best

Hanging a wreath on your front door is a traditional sign of holiday cheer. Take time to look around and find a wreath that matches your home’s style and color scheme. The choices are endless from wood, straw, fresh, plastic, country and  modern to ornate. For more wreath ideas click here.

Curb Appeal Tips

 The best way to start is to stand in front of your house and take a good look around. Are there any issues that you have been meaning to get to? Where are your eyes drawn to the most? Is there an area that is distracting you from a welcoming walk to the front door?

Holiday Curb Appeal

Entry Door Re-Dos

Is your front door looking a little shabby? This is a great time of year to put a fresh coat of paint on your entry door. Be adventurous and pick a new color. You can use the same color to spruce up your curb-side mailbox.

Can you see your house numbers from the street? Adding new numbers in a modern style will help your guests find your home, and add a subtle element to your entry. There are several modern and classic colors to choice from your local paint store.

Holiday Curb Appeal

Lighted Pathway

 Having lights along your pathway to the front door is also a good way to make your house feel warm and your guests feel welcome. If you already have landscaping lights, it’s a good time to clean them and change bulbs if needed. You could be a good time to switch to modern LED lights, which come in many different colors that can match your holiday décor.

This would also be a good time to clear any debris, trim any overgrown bushes or branches

and sweep fallen leaves. A simple holiday welcome mat is an inexpensive way to add a warm holiday greeting when guests arrive.

Cozy up once you’ve entered

There’s nothing like the smell of the holidays to make visitors feel welcome. Once you are finished with the outside, you need to extend the holiday cheer when the entry the house. Simmering holiday scents in a pot usually does the trick. The fragrance will travel throughout your house helping put all who entry into the holiday spirit.

Preparing your home for the holidays does not need to be expensive or take an enormous amount of time. Take a little time and look around and see what needs to be done and start with something small to improve the welcome for your holiday guests.

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Holiday Curb Appeal

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