10 Creative Ideas for Roman Shades That Look Fabulous
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10 Creative Ideas for Roman Shades That Look Fabulous

 Roman Shades


For most of us, our blinds are one of the most unappreciated design elements in our homes. They help maintain our privacy and keep the sun at bay during the daytime. We just don't realize how a good set of blinds can make a bland room come alive.

But what are our options when it comes to swapping out our old shades for more creative ones?

There are vertical blinds, aluminum blinds, and a whole host of other types. There is something, however, about a good set of Roman shades that outshines the others in select designs.

So how can you incorporate Roman shades into your designs and make those sparkly windows look even better? We've have 10 creative ideas for you.

1. Bamboo Blinds

Romans can be made out of a plethora of materials. One popular material of choice is bamboo.

Bamboo is simple yet elegant, and its elegance doesn't come at an extremely high price. It also fits nicely into many designs, which means that you won't have to worry too much about bamboo shades clashing with other elements of your design.

As an added bonus, bamboo blinds filter light into your home much more efficiently than fabric blinds. This is true even when they are closed.

2. Camo

Having a set of shades that you can spot easily is great. After all, you don't spend your hard-earned money for people to walk through your home and not see your decorations.

Still, there is something to be said about the effect camo blinds can add to a room. They blend in well with the surrounding structures, which might drive some people to do a double take. Once they notice your camouflaged blinds, they'll doubtless appreciate the optical illusion you've created.

3. Contemporary

Simplicity is the best thing to go for in many cases. It helps us avoid thinking long and hard about our decorative choices only to second-guess them later. Enter contemporary decor, a style of decor which welcomes your decision to choose solid drapes over heavily patterned ones. Interested in purchasing solid blue blinds? Go for it. Polka dot pink? Probably not.

Roman Shades

4. Lined Shades

Simplicity strikes again, this time in the form of lined Roman shades. And, yes, they are exactly what they sound like: Roman shades with some sort of lining.

A popular choice of lining color is black. It's bold and really accentuates the edges of the fabric.

Of course, you're welcome to choose any color which pleases you. It is, after all, your home.

5. Faux Roman Shades

We're technically cheating here. Faux Roman shades aren't technically Roman shades. Despite that fact, we're of the mind that they look close enough to make this list.

One of the best things about them is that they're super easy to DIY. As a matter of fact, you don't even need a sewing machine to whip yourself up a set.

6. Constructed Shades

Generally speaking, shades of the Roman can be separated into two categories. The first of those categories is "constructed shades."

As their name suggests, constructed shades are shades which are...well...constructed. They often contain metal poles and solid pieces which are horizontally sewn into the shades.

These solid structures give the constructed shades a more solid look. This makes them great for people who want to avoid the flowy, loose look. They can lend themselves to designs which are, for instance, geometric in nature.

7. Relaxed Shades

Relaxed shades are just the opposite of constructed shades. They work to bring a completely different aesthetic to life.

As we mentioned above, constructed shades provide a rigid aesthetic. Relaxed shades do just the opposite, giving rooms a sense of airiness. When the wind blows on a hot summer day, the breeze will command it to move to and fro.

Do keep in mind that relaxed shades tend to be made out of lighter materials. They require a bit more teasing than constructed shades to look great as a result. 

Roman Shades

8. Pastels

Pastel colors aren't for everyone. They're just so light and so sweet that it's hard to use them without making your home look like Candy Land.

Or at least a much lighter version of Candy Land.

In any case, you have no reason to shy away from pastel colors when selecting Roman shades. They can add a beautiful touch to any well-decorated room. You just need to learn how to decorate with pastels.

9. White Romans

Minimalism isn't dead. It has simply been reinvented. That said, there is no shame in your game if you ultimately settle on a set of white Romans.

In fact, we'd argue that white goes with most things, though, to be fair, not all shades of white were created equal. To be sure, there are situations in which you should stay far away from white. We just have to trust you to know when those situations arise.

10. Floral Patterns

Some people aren't too crazy about floral patterns. Say what they will, floral patterns are enduring. They've withstood the test of time, and we don't think that they're going anywhere anytime soon.

Floral patterns look particularly great in rooms which receive a lot of sunlight. Further still, they complement actual flowers amazingly well, especially if those flowers match their colors.

Despite our enthusiasm about floral-patterned shades, we do have one piece of advice for you. Florals can look fabulous, but not in abundance. You don't need floral shades, furniture, and wallpaper (on top of the actual plants in your room).

Decorate the Roman Way

Hopefully, you're ready to decorate your home the Roman way. Be the blinds of your choice relaxed, constructed, or bamboo, you're sure to love the touch your new shades add to your home.

If you're not sure about which way to go with shades, you can always hire a design consultant. Doing so will save you time and money in the long run, and you'll get amazing results.

If you're looking for a custom design, contact us for more info. You should also feel free to look through our portfolio. We've done work on a variety of different homes, and we'd love to work on your home, too.

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