10 Ideas for Your Kitchen Window Curtains
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10 Ideas for Your Kitchen Window Curtains

Are you looking to improve your kitchen's interior design? Here are some fun ideas for your kitchen window curtains that you can incorporate into the room.

Are you looking to improve your kitchen's interior design? Here are some fun ideas for your kitchen window curtains that you can incorporate into the room.

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen.

It is where everyone can come together for morning coffee, a big dinner, or maybe some ice cream before bed.

Just as the bedrooms and living room in the house are decorated, the kitchen deserves to have some style, too.

One often overlooked opportunity for design are kitchen window curtains.

Here Are 10 Ideas to Add Some Style to Kitchen Window Curtains

1. Use the Right Material

The most important thing to keep in mind about kitchen styling is safety. Curtains can come in many kinds of fabric. Some are easily flammable and some are hard to clean once dirty. Your kitchen window curtains will endure daily doses of sun, smoke, and smells. This can result in the curtains fading over time or smoke staining the fabric. Some smells may not easily leave the kitchen if they are stuck in the curtains. When choosing a curtain, ask yourself how often you will clean the fabric, and how it can hold up without you maintaining it.

2. Home Styling Is Kitchen Styling

Your kitchen is a part of your home. To bring all the rooms of the house together, keep the styling consistent. Before heading to pick up your kitchen window curtains, take a look around the whole house. Start to get an idea of what matches the style of your home and what doesn't. Many stores and online shops separate their options based on styling, so this will help as you browse as well. Once you have some options narrowed down, see if you can take swatches home or purchase a few curtains. Take the fabrics home and test them in the kitchen before committing.  The use of one or two styles in your home will help create a rhythm between each room.

 3. Color WarsBlinds and Designs

 Color matters. Using a style theme to set the stage of your home does not restrict you to one or two colors. You will likely notice, though, similar shades and tones throughout. Some secondary color contrasts or bold pieces here and there help bring everything together. Your kitchen window curtains are a perfect place to add a little contrast or have some fun with your colors. Keep in mind the mood different colors create.  Ask yourself if you can see this color in your home every day. Take a moment to consider how it plays with the shades you already have in place and the emotions it evokes.

4. Pick a Pattern

Once you determine a direction of style and color in mind, consider playing with patterns. Some homes have a simple kitchen design. Adding a pattern on the kitchen window curtains can give the whole room a more interesting feeling. Many patterns will have stripes or panels along the design. Think of the space your kitchen takes up. Horizontal lines will open the room to appear wider, although shorter, while vertical lines can visually expand the height. If you live in an area without dramatic changing of the seasons, something floral or beach-like to reflect the nature around you may be an option.

5. The Light Is Right

Speaking of nature, how much lighting does your kitchen get throughout the day? Some families prefer to choose simple curtains with thin fabrics. Regardless of the color or pattern, the point is to let natural light into the room throughout the day. Other people would rather keep the kitchen a little darker, especially if they are directly facing the sun most of the day. They likely opt for thicker curtains or darker tones. Consider the way your kitchen looks throughout the day. Would you rather let the light in or block some of it out?

6. Long vs. Short

A good way to play with light can be long versus short curtains. Is your kitchen window a small sill above the sink, or does the light mainly come in from an adjacent dining area?For the first, a short, simple curtain will do the trick. A fun option here is to place a fabric to frame the top of the sill and then a curtain to hang in the middle. This allows for some light to enter through the top with the curtain to make shade on the bottom. If the light is coming from a taller window, a long curtain will hang beautifully by the dining table.

7. Panels and Tie Backs

Panels and tie back kitchen window curtains are another good way to play with light. If your window area is actually a combination of small windows, consider staggering how you place the curtain.If it is one main window, tie backs are a great option to allow the light in at some times and close the curtains at others.

8. Shades and Shutters

Fresh Kitchen Ideas

 Another way to manipulate the amount of light the kitchen receives is to utilize shades and shutters. Shades and blinds are able to drop as low or go as high as preferred.Shutters can look beautiful with the right cabinets and are like little doors to the outside world. Many people prefer these options for the simple maintenance as well. They are not as likely to get dirty as traditional fabrics and are easy to open or close.

9. Frame Feels

Frames are a great way of bringing in a little color and style without taking away from the windows view. Frames hang at the top of the window. They are typically short pieces of fabric used as an accessory to the style of the room, without being the focal point.If you love the way your kitchen looks but need a final touch, a frame is the way to go.

10. Have Fun

There is no single standard for kitchen window curtains. They can be fun and floral or simple and neutral. They can serve one purpose or be a valuable visual and functional piece. Remember to play as you pick the right style and function for your curtains. Try a bold color or a set of shades. See how the light looks and if you can work with it.

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Kitchen window curtains are the accessory you need to tie the room together.

 Don't go another day without them!

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