Motorized Blinds: They're Smarter Than You Think


Motorized Blinds

We all have hectic lives and even the most successful people are feeling busier than ever. Our home is always a safe haven.

In the morning, parents are constantly checking emails while packing school lunches and eventually heading out to drive the kids to school. Unfortunately, there are always distractions along the way.

When you rush out of your home, did you forget to turn off the lights?

How many times have you walked right out the front door and also forgot to close the blinds?

If this occurrence becomes a daily habit, then maybe it's time for you to consider investing in motorized blinds. Right before you exit your house, you can press a button on the app attached to your blinds to make them close for the day.

Your custom blinds will even pick up on how often you want them to move up or go down! Follow our reasons why you need to invest in motorization for your blinds. Our five reasons below will help you look at the benefits to motorized blinds.

1. Motorized Blinds are Energy Efficient.

Yes, your motorized blinds are designed to open and close to save you energy. By implementing a sensor that controls the function of your blinds, you can easily program when they will move.

If the winter time hits and you need some extra sunshine, you can tell your blinds to open during the entire day. When the summertime rolls around and you don't need extra sun, you can simply program the blinds to stay completely shut during the day.

Motorized blinds are a great way to save money because they are energy efficient. Your energy bill will severely decrease because of the changes you are making to the settings of your new blind system. Say goodbye to high heating and cooling costs by installing these energy saving blinds.  

2. Motorized Blinds are Easy To Control. 

Motorized Blinds ControllerIn this day in age, we can control practically everything from a smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device. For example, Amazon released its own batch of voice control devices named Alexa and Echo that can play songs and dim lights just by talking to them.  

Your blinds can also be controlled for ease of access with a remote control or a smartphone.With a remote control, there are specific buttons that indicate how you can open your blinds or close them.

In addition to a handheld remote, you can usually find an app that goes along with your blinds so you can control them from sitting somewhere on your couch. Before making the leap to buy a specific type of blinds, check that the app is compatible with your smartphone device.

Some may be considered "Apple" or "Andriod" only, which could cause a problem during setup. Using an app is another way in which you can easily open your blinds. The app connects to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet so you can send signals to your blinds from anywhere in your home. Controlling your blinds has never been easier than with the help of an app.

3. The Safety Factor.

Your family's safety in your home should be your number one priority. Small children can tug on long cords that are attached to old-fashioned blinds. Blinds that have low-hanging cords can become choking hazards for young kids playing in your home.

Window cords are known to be a top hidden danger to children according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Animals are also at risk when it comes to old-fashioned blinds. Your puppy can mistake a cord for a game of tug-of-war. The next thing you know your entire set of blinds falls down, costing you more money in repairs.

Eliminate the fear of endangering your child or pet by purchasing motorized blinds that are 100% cordless. Safety is a huge concern of ours and if you do have an incident where you need blind & shutter repair work done, we specialize in quick fixes.

4. You Can Protect Your Furniture.

Motorized BlindsIn addition to your kids and pets, beautiful furniture pieces are important to protect, too. You don't want to find the colors on your antique couch fading fast because of too much direct sunlight.

The motorized blinds will ensure that all of your vibrant belongings stay fresh for years to come. Making sure that your blinds are not open for the whole length of a hot summer day will definitely protect your furniture from fading.

5. The Ability to Control Hard to Reach Blinds.

Do you have long windows that beautifully light up your space, but are impossible to reach?

If you have a home that has hard to reach blinds, you are in luck because motorization will change your life. Pulling blinds up and down is such a way of the past. Not only will motorization improve how much you can control when your blinds open and close, but it allows you to go hands-free.

No more bending over large objects that stand in your way to pull the window cord that pulls up your blinds! Your back will thank you when you make the change to motorization.

Final Thoughts

Are you interested in learning more information about blinds, shades or shutters? Here at Blinds and Designs, we specialize in providing our customers with the best customer service. We want to deliver you windows that WOW! Don't hesitate to call us today, we'd love to help you.

When it comes to motorization, we offer a large selection to choose from. You can have wood, aluminum, or bleached slate blind designs installed in any area of your home to finally free yourself from the uncomfortable life of yanking on old-fashioned window cords every day.

Your kids and pets need to be protected from the hazards that old-fashioned blinds can cause. There are absolutely no cords when it comes to this style of blind design, which can make you feel at ease! Another factor to these blinds is protection from the sun. The UV protection that motorization provides in your home will also keep your furniture looking new.