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Controlling Autumn Light with Screen Shades

As the color rolls through North Carolina and humid summers turn cooler, it’s time to open our homes and embrace the turning of the seasons and the loveliness that fall brings. Welcome fall to your home with screen shades that enhance autumn light, allow cool autumn breezes and maintain view-through visibility so homeowners can truly enjoy the changing seasons from the comfort of their home. In the Hunter Douglas collection, there are several different styles of mesh textiles, sheer fabrics, and screen materials that are used in window treatments to create unique styles of screen shades for homes in North Carolina.

Designer Screen Shades Fletcher, North Carolina (NC) window treatments that showcase the views for autumn

Designer Screen Shades: Step one in enjoying beautiful autumn light is making sure your home and its contents are protected from sunlight’s harmful elements; after all, it’s hard to enjoy the season when the sun is causing damage to furniture, flooring, or décor in your home. Designer Screen Shades can block 86%-99% of the harmful UV rays, yet depending on the shade’s opacity, they can still provide natural illumination, helping you make the most of shorter daylight hours in the fall. The enhanced screen materials in the designer collection include weave with varying degrees of openness and a wide variety of colors.

Designer Banded Shades: Choose more views of the autumn hues or opt for more privacy when needed, and be able to go seamlessly between the two with Designer Banded Shades. This style of screen shades uses alternating bands of opaque fabrics and sheer materials on a roller unit that raises and lowers the bands to creates a range of balances between light and privacy. Designer Banded Shades spotlight the view, framing it with a clean, streamlined design that makes interior spaces feel open and spacious. Banded styles of screen shades work throughout the house in any room with sun dominant features, including living rooms, sunrooms, patios, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Pirouette® Window Shadings: Sheer shades make a visually desirable option for the fall because they allow natural, warming light and maintain visibility, so the beauty of the season is easily enjoyed indoors. In fact, like the blinds, these screen shades can be drawn up into a headrail for completely open views and to allow easy access to natural ventilation and the cooling breezes of fall. And while Pirouette® Window Shadings preserve the view, they can also be engaged for protective measures to block harmful UV rays or obscure the view into your home for trustworthy privacy. Pirouette® window shades use floating vanes on a single sheer backing for a softer aesthetic that still provides the light-filtering properties of traditional screen shades. 

Enjoy the beauty of autumn in your home with screen shades from Hunter Douglas. Whether you like the performance of Designer Screen Shades, the style of Designer Banded Shades, or the softness of Pirouette Window Shadings®, you will find a selection of choices at Blinds and Designs. Request a consultation today to speak with a design representative about screen shades for your home or stop by the Blinds and Designs location near Fletcher, North Carolina, for in-person service. Blinds and Designs serve residents in western North Carolina, including Asheville, Hendersonville, and Weaverville, and Fletcher, NC.