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Window Tinting

Home Window Tinting

Sun damage is a constant and consistent problem. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause your furniture and interior décor to discolor or fade. UV light can have a negative effect on your floorings as well. In addition to the damage, the sun can drastically increase the temperature in your home and cause unwanted glare on your TV or computer, interrupting precious work or leisure time. You can combat these problems with window coverings, but sometimes you may want to enjoy the natural sunlight without the adverse effects of a complete blckout. That’s where home window tinting comes in. At Blinds and Designs LLC, we understand the need for a variety of window covering options, and that is why we offer the entire line of Hüper Optik residential window film.

Benefits of Window Film

There are many reasons that Hüper Optik home window tinting might be a good option for your home. Here are some of the benefits you can receive by adding privacy window film to your home.

  • Decrease your heating and cooling bills by running your AC and furnace less often
  • Maintain a comfortable, consistent internal temperature throughout your home
  • Filter out 99% of the sun’s UV rays
  • Reduce the glare on computer screens, tablets, and televisions
  • Increase privacy while still allowing in natural light
  • Create a decorative accent on your windows or glass doors
  • Protect your floors, walls, furniture, and decor from fading and discoloration
  • The resistant coating is less susceptible to fingerprints and water spots and requires less cleaning
  • Window film holds glass together in case of window breakage
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Prevent infrared radiation from entering your home

Residential Window Film Products

The line of Hüper Optik residential window tinting products includes six different series. The products are available in several different opacities, each of which allows a different amount of light and solar energy to pass through. Each product is available in a single pane or a dual-pane option.

  • The Select Series is a high-performance film made with precious metals. Using nanotechnology Hüper Optik has created a multi-layer filter using silver and gold. This window film allows in the maximum amount of light while still rejecting the maximum amount of heat. In addition, the select series is non-reflective, so there won’t be light bouncing back off your windows either.
  • The Ceramic Series was pioneered by Hüper Optik in 1998. This window film uses nano-ceramic technology to create a dual-layered coating. The nature of the ceramic improves the water-resistance and durability of this window tinting. Because of its toughness, the Ceramic Series is popular on boats, but the same benefits can be helpful in your home.
Window Tinting, window film, home window tinting from Hüper Optik near Fletcher, North Carolina (NC)
Window Tinting, window film, home window tinting from Hüper Optik near Fletcher, North Carolina (NC)
  • The Therm-X Series is designed specifically for energy efficiency. The unique blend of metals in this privacy window film produces an extremely high level of heat rejection and light transmission. The Therm-X Series is also highly reflective, providing better privacy.
  • The Fusion Series is a fusion of green technology and energy efficiency. When it comes to home window tinting, this series is the most affordable for year-round privacy and comfort. Fusion window films prevent temperature variances and reject infrared and ultraviolet light rays.
  • The Traditional Series lives up to its name. These traditional reflective window films are a cost-effective window tinting option. They provide energy-saving performance for your home and are durable and easy to apply.
  • The Dekorativ Series is a fun way to liven up your space. These window films are made from a polyester-based material that creates a look similar to etched glass. There are several pattern and texture options so you can select the level of privacy and beauty you want for your windows. These window films are popular for bathroom windows. The Dekorativ Series can also be used on entry doors and glass shower enclosures to provide privacy and beauty inside your home.

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In addition to our various window tinting products, Blinds and Designs LLC carries a variety of other window treatment options. Our expert team would love to show you our entire line of Hunter Douglas window treatments, including shades, shutters, blinds, and drapery. We also carry a selection of exterior roller shades and motorized window covering options. Whether your next project is big or small, Blinds and Designs LLC is the perfect place to find window tinting near you. Contact us to schedule a consultation today! We are located in Fletcher, North Carolina, and proudly serve the surrounding area, including Asheville, Hendersonville, and Weaverville.