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Decorating with Black, the Boldest Neutral Tone

While many people are comfortable decorating with the lighter shades of neutrals like whites, the dark end of the neutral palette with black can be more intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to design with black due to the color’s versatility. Black can be bold but also neutral; it can be delicate or authoritative. Black can be both a neutral pallet to hold other designs or a dynamic tone that commands design focus. Decorating with black isn’t new, but there are lots of modern ways to incorporate the color in your home’s interior from minor accent pieces to entire room aesthetics.

Decorating with Black, the Boldest Neutral Tone, including black window shades near Fletcher, North Carolina (NC)

One of the most common ways to decorate with black is in the lighting details of a room. Good lighting is key to making black accessories work; it can be the difference between a black accent looking bold and a black accent looking gloomy. Consider using black as an accent color with artificial light sources in a room (for example, using a black lamp shade) as well as natural light sources.

Black windows and black window treatments are both rising in popularity as modern twists on traditional designs. Black window frames are industrial yet polished and are the perfect high contrast window frame for picture windows or architectural windows. There are also several options for black window treatments including black plantation shutters (which are great for privacy and as a neutral backdrop) and black shades like Design Studio™ Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas, whose customizable designer fabrics can add pattern as well as color to a room.

For a more dramatic window fashion consider voluptuous black drapes which can cover windows or entire walls. Custom drapery from the Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery collection from Hunter Douglas uses only the highest-quality fabrics including lines of designer fabrics from featured textile artists. Using high quality fabric is crucial when decorating with black drapery because poor quality material or poorly designed drapes can overwhelm instead of embellish.

Black accent walls are also a fun, modern use of the darkest neutral color. Black accent walls can either be utilized as neutral backdrops or dynamic focal points in the room. Painting the wall behind a prominent piece of wall art black frames the art by establishing a clearly defined backdrop. Decorating with black can also be used to highlight architectural details in a room like windows. A strong black wall framing a picture window naturally draws attention to the window which not only highlights the view, but it also makes the room itself feel more expansive by drawing the eye outside. Black is also timeless; it never goes out of style so don’t be afraid to harness a dark neutral when painting accent walls.

Even if you don’t want black as a primary color in a room, it’s important that there are still some elements of black for contrast and to ground the design. Wrought iron details can add a raw touch of black as a decorative or architectural element in the room. A series of black picture frames can unify a photographic wall display. A black and white patterned area rug can give dimension to design while still remaining neutral. Since the color is so versatile, there are unlimited ways to decorate with black in every room of the house.

Request a consultation with the design experts at Blinds & Designs today and let them show you how designing with black can add a deeper dimension to your home’s interior design. The showroom at Blinds & Designs in located near Fletcher, North Carolina, between Asheville and Hendersonville in the Airport Designs Center. Blinds & Designs serves the greater Asheville, Hendersonville, Fletcher, and Weaverville areas of western North Carolina.