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Multifunctional Modern Window Coverings

What do you want from your window shade? Something to control the natural light coming into your home? Something that provides privacy for your family? Something that adds beauty and aesthetic interest to a room? Often what we want from modern window coverings is multidimensional and so the window treatment itself must be multifunctional otherwise it will fall short of meeting expectations and needs within the household. Hunter Douglas created the Duolite system, which is compatible with many styles of their window treatments, and which adds dimensions of control to treatment with forward-thinking design and chic style.

Vignette® Roman Shades Fletcher, North Carolina (NC) discover the features of multifunctional, modern window coverings


As the name suggests, Duolite from Hunter Douglas is an operational system that combines two fabrics (one light-filtering and the other room-darkening) into a single, modern window covering. The innovative, double-fabric technology in Duolite shades allows homeowners to create a full range of lighting effects from soft, filtered light to black-out darkness using one, easy-to-control shade. The Duolite system creates multifunctional shades that can increase the treatment’s usefulness in different areas of the home. And it is not only multifunctional light control that the Duolite system provides, but they also allow homeowners to increase the privacy in their home, improve energy efficiency, and maintain a chic level of style to create a truly comfortable interior space. The Duolite system is compatible with several styles of modern window coverings including roller shades, Roman shades, honeycomb shades, and sheer shadings

  • Duolite® Roller Shades: A revolution of style and design, Duolite Roller Shades are the only two-in-one roller unit that allows for independent movement of the two different shades operating on a single roller bar. Draw the front, light-filtering sheer on this modern window covering to create warm, welcoming illumination; then draw them back, opaque shade to darken rooms and increase privacy.
  • Duolite® Vignette® Modern Roman Shade: The fabric-rich style of Vignette® Modern Roman Shades is both graceful and dynamic, adding both visual interest and practical usefulness to a room. The Duolite system enhances the multifunctionality of Roman shades by adding a second fabric layer to increase the range of lighting options that this modern window covering can produce. Vignette® Duolite shades are also available with PowerView® Automation, for an additional layer of state-of-the-art innovation.
  • Duolite® Duette® Honeycomb Shades: Duette® Honeycomb Shades are some of the most energy-efficient modern window coverings on the market thanks to their insulating, cellular construction. Adding the Duolite system to honeycomb shades creates a multifunctional treatment that excels at both energy control and light control.
  • Duolite® Silhouette® Window Shadings: Soft, elegant, refined; sheer window shadings like Silhouette® Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas may have a delicate and sophisticated aesthetic, but their operative usefulness is insightful, intuitive, and multipronged. Modern sheer material is crafted to control light, softly diffusing sunlight as it enters without blocking the outward view. In this manner, sheer shadings create privacy and harness natural light. The Duolite system simply adds an additional dimension to the light-control options with a room-darkening back shade.
Learn more about implementing the Duolite® system in your home with sheer, honeycomb, Roman, or roller shades by contacting Blinds & Designs. Their team of experts can show you the marvels of multifunctional, modern window coverings from Hunter Douglas. Blinds & Designs is located near Fletcher, North Carolina, and serves the greater Fletcher area in western North Carolina along with Asheville, Hendersonville, and Weaverville, NC. Request a consultation or visit the showroom today.