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Protection with Indoor and Outdoor Solar Shades

This time of year might be perfect for a little fun in the sun, but it’s no fun at all when unwanted sunlight penetrates your home causing an uncomfortable rise in temperature and, sometimes, permanent sun damage to your most prized possessions. So, protect your home from the undesirable effects of summer sunshine with indoor and outdoor solar shades. Used individually or in tandem, indoor and outdoor solar shades can make an exemplary first line of defense in the fight to keep the ravages of sunlight out of your home.

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades Fletcher, North Carolina (NC) protection with indoor and outdoor solar shades.

Interior Solar Shades

In sunrooms and enclosed patios, interior solar shades can make the space more hospitable by helping homeowners control the natural light pouring into the room. On a bright afternoon, direct light can be almost blinding causing glare and making rooms that have large windows or exposed areas unpleasant to be in. Interior solar shades filter light, absorbing or deflecting the harmful and irritating elements and permitting softened natural illumination.

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades are top-of-the-line solar screen shades revered in the industry for their unmatched levels of style and protection. The innovative screen materials used in Designer Screen Shades can block 86% - 99% of the harmful UV rays in sunlight that can cause sun damage like warping, discoloration, and sun-rot in your home’s flooring, furniture, and décor. Designer Screen Shades are also available with the eco-conscious Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ fabrics made from reclaimed, marine plastics.

Outdoor Solar Shades

Extend the protective features of interior solar shades to the exterior of your house with outdoor solar shades. Outdoor solar shades have multiple useful functions when it comes to light control. Outdoor shades block or absorb sunlight before it enters the home reducing interior heat, decreasing glare, and negating the sun damage caused by UV. They also create more hospitable and usable outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed for longer hours each day and remain comfortable spaces to gather with friends and family for long stretches of the year.

And it’s not just the sun that outdoor shades protect you from, retractable insect screens keep summer’s other invaders, like bugs, out. With a side track system that seals all four sides of the screen when lowered, insect screens create bug-free patios and/or garages; additionally, they can be installed over large windows.

Blinds & Designs carries several roller shade-style outdoor shades. With a wide selection of fabrics to choose from as well as high-end hardware, your new outdoor shades can coordinate with existing décor for an integrated style that feels aesthetically organic yet purposeful. Outdoor solar shades can also be outfitted with the latest motorized operating systems for easy maneuverability that makes shades more convenient to use and homes more comfortable and energy-efficient overall.

Located near Fletcher, NC, Blinds & Designs is the premier destination for indoor and outdoor solar shades in western North Carolina. Let their design team show you all the way indoor and outdoor solar shades can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient in the summertime. Stop by the showroom or request a consultation today. Blinds & Designs serves Asheville, Hendersonville, Weaverville, and Fletcher, NC.