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Colorful Window Shades

What is color to you? Does it represent more than just an aesthetic choice? In fact, bold hues like orange, red, yellow, and purple are some of the most visible colors in the color spectrum and call up emotions of passion, love, vitality, power, and authority. Its effect on people is energizing, and physical responses to color can include elevations to blood pressure, metabolism, heart rate, and respiration rate. For that reason, vibrant color when used in home décor should be placed in high-energy rooms like the kitchen or family room. One practical option for adding color to your home décor is through your window shades.

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3 Tips for Colorful Window Shades

1. Always Use a Liner

The first rule, and the most important when it comes to using warm, vibrant colors like red, orange, or yellow, etc for window shades, is to use a neutral liner. Without a liner, sunlight filtering through brightly-colored window shades causes a most unwanted and often unflattering glow. This blown-out fluorescent illumination is painful-beyond warm and welcoming- considering it can easily be prevented with a backer.

2. Choose Color Shade Strategically

Not all bright vibrant colors are going to work in all rooms. In addition to taking existing décor into consideration when choosing the shade for your new window treatments, also keep in mind a general rule of thumb for all colored shades. Generally speaking, lighter shades will work better for smaller rooms or smaller windows while deeper tints will be more suitable for larger rooms or larger windows.

3. Play with Pattern

Since color is such a dominant design choice, even its fleeting use can be a powerful statement for interior design. When considering options for new window shades explore choices with patterns, prints, or those that use vibrant colors as a daring accent hue as an alternative to using solid applications

3 Modern Styles of Colorful Window Shades

The rich fabric folds of Roman shades add dimension to enliven the use of color in window treatments. And with the latest in motorized operating system, the treatment can also give the color a graceful sense of movement.

The Design Studio™ collection of exclusive fabrics includes several designer patterns with both bold and nuanced uses of color. Tree of Life by Rebecca Atwood, Floret by Seema Krish, and Amaryllis by Marcie Bronkar all play well and come in multiple shades to match a variety of spaces.

The clean lines of roller shades play well with warm color palettes and strong prints. The style is also ideal in layered window treatments as it pairs well with both side panels and full drapery.

If you love the rich, passionate tones of colors, talk with a design expert at Blinds and Designs about custom window shades for your home. Let their knowledgeable team walk you through all the design options from Hunter Douglas and help you find the perfect shade of shade for your home. Blinds and Designs is located near Fletcher, North Carolina, and serves residents in Asheville, Hendersonville, Weaverville, and Fletcher, NC. Request a consultation today.