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Get Warm and Cozy with Insulating Shades

In the winter, we want our homes to be warm and cozy; a welcoming retreat from adverse weather or dropping temperatures. But houses can fall victim to the ravages of the season, with vulnerabilities in the structure allowing the winter to creep in. This can cause the creation of cold spots in the home and drop the comfort level significantly for inhabitants, taking away that warm and cozy feeling. One of the most significant vulnerabilities for homes is often their windows which can account for up to 30% of energy transfer between the outside forces and the interior home environment; the right window shade can stop that. Choosing insulating shades for your home is one way to improve energy efficiency by addressing the window’s vulnerability with purposeful function and stylish features. Both cellular honeycomb shades and drapery make great insulating shades, and Hunter Douglas makes innovative, fashion-forward styles of both.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

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The best insulating shades on the market are cellular honeycomb shades. Thanks to their unique cellular construction, the shades can effectively block the transfer of energy through windows. Honeycomb shades are made with structural pockets like a bee's honeycomb that traps air, which acts as an insulating layer. This insulating layer keeps the cold out and the heat in during winter months and the opposite in the summer for improvements in energy efficiency year-round. Hunter Douglas has multiple types of insulating shades that utilize a cellular construction to heighten their insulating properties.

Layered Treatments

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A second way to create insulating shades is to use layered window treatments. Using two separate window coverings together, like drapery and honeycomb shades, will create a single window fashion that has enhanced attributes, including their ability to insulate. Full drapery is a popular treatment to use in layered window fashions because they operate well in tandem with other styles of shades, and their customizable aesthetic is moldable to individual tastes and home décor. 5 popular window treatments to pair with drapery in a layered window fashion include:

  • Full drapes with honeycomb shades
  • Full drapes with plantation shutters
  • Full drapes with roller shades
  • Full drapes with sheer shadings
  • Full drapes with Roman shades
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Customizable options for drapery can also add to its insulating abilities. Thicker materials insulate better than thinner types, and most drapes can be fabricated with a back liner for an additional layer of protection.

Stay warm and cozy this winter with insulating shades from Hunter Douglas. Contact Blinds and Designs to talk about the best insulating shades for your home and the customizable options for their seamless installation and use. Blinds and Designs is located near Fletcher, North Carolina, and serves the communities of Asheville, Hendersonville, Weaverville, and Fletcher, NC. Request your free in-home consultation today!