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The Designer Side of Modern Roller Shades

The beauty of roller shades is their elegant simplicity. The straightforward design features a front fabric panel with unbroken space; that rolls into a hidden valance and creates an excellent canvass for design. The sleek profile of roller shades means they don’t intrude on interior space.Instead they blend into the architecture of the room, making them ideal for small spaces like bathrooms or larger spaces like great rooms.Since they are easy to operate, they work as well over broad, extra-wide windows as they do on small or narrow windows. And thanks to advancements in modern textile technology, it is easier than ever to fabricate custom roller shades with designer flair for your home.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roller Shades, roller blinds, blackout blinds, motorization near Fletcher, North Carolina (NC)

Roller Shades with Designer Fabrics

In Design Studio™ Roller Shades by Hunter Douglas clients can pull from an extensive fabric collection to create their own custom roller shades. The fabric collection also includes lines of designer prints from industry artists including Rebecca Atwood, Marcie Bronkar, and Seema Krish.

  • Rebecca Atwood: Natural motifs run through the Atwood fabric collection for Design Studio™ Roller Shades with prints and patterns inspired by nature and brought to life with Rebecca Atwood’s unique hand-stamping and watercolor techniques.
  • Marcie Bronkar: Historical prints are given new life with Marcie Bronkar’s stylized interpretation of historical prints in her collection of 7 designer fabrics for the Design Studio™ suite of products.
  • Seema Krish: In the Krish fabric collection, Seema Krish has taken years of global travelling and translated her experiences to a line of textiles that have a worldly design with a refined aesthetic perfect for residential roller shades.

Layered Window Fashions

Another way to make ordinary roller shades into designer window fashions is by creating layered window treatments, whose aesthetic and functionality can be heightened with the combination of multiple design elements. Pair roller shades with custom drapery or side panels for window treatments with enhanced light control, insulation, and a dynamic use of textiles and fabrics. Custom valances and cornices also make a striking addition to window fashions adding a complementary topper to the treatment that can both hide hardware and give the final treatment a polished look.

Modern Motorized Roller Shades

For the ultimate in modern roller shades invest in a motorized operating system that makes roller shades easier to operate for the homeowner, and more efficient in the execution of their movements that improves the window treatment’s efficiency. PowerView® from Hunter Douglas is the latest in automated control for motorized roller shades. The system can be used throughout a home and controlled by a handheld remote, wall panel, or a universally accessible app for smart phones or tablets. For homeowners with home assistant programs or smart home systems, PowerView® can sync with daily scheduling already in place for seamless integration into household operations. And best of all PowerView® is available on Design Studio™ Roller Shades.

Learn more about modern, designer roller shades for your home by contacting Blinds and Designs. Request a consultation with their team of design experts to discuss the options and features of roller shades in the Design Studio™ collection by Hunter Douglas, and how they can work in your home. Blinds and Designs is located near Fletcher, North Carolina, and serves residents in Asheville, Hendersonville, Weaverville, and Fletcher, NC.